Monday, August 3, 2015

The Pet Posse Have a Spirited Adventure in ARCHIE'S FUNHOUSE COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #16!

I was digging through my various comics earlier this afternoon and came across a copy of ARCHIE'S FUNHOUSE COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #16 that I had purchased but forgot to read! That's too bad because it features an original lead story featuring the canine members of Riverdale's Pet Posse! I'm talking about Vegas, Hot Dog, and Runty!

It seems that a certain mogul by the name of Mr. Clump has obtained permission from the City Council to tear down the local dog park and replace it with something called Clump Plaza.

Archie and his friends try appealing to Mr. Clump's better nature, reminding him that Riverdale's dog park has been around since the Revolutionary War -- "when Percival Pickens' pack of pedigreed Patterdale Terriers protected our precious province!" Mr. Clump could care less about the spirits of the dogs who'd played in the dog park over the years.

But Vegas notices something after Mr. Clump refuses to break ground until the beginning of the week in order to avoid Friday the 13th:

It seems that Mr. Clump is very superstitious. Could the dogs take advantage of that fact and save the dog park? Vegas thinks so and figures out a plan involving Hot Dog and Runty and a package of white powdery cement! (Think "Brady Bunch!")

It's interesting to note that Runty shows up in this story, but not Reggie. Our local dog parks do not allow people to drop off their dogs unsupervised.

"Dog Walk, Don't Run" was written by Alex Simmons, penciled by Dan Parent, inked by Bob Smith, lettered by Jack Morelli, and colored by Digikore Studios!

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Donny Hampton Jacobs said...

Methinks Mr. Clump might like to date guys! Don't ask me why.