Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jiggy in the Jungle

I wrote yesterday about these three guys getting arrested on Sunday afternoon and charged with counts of indecent exposure for getting caught messing around at the Hawkeye Wildlife Area. It's part of an effort by the DNR to crack down on illegal activity within the park, stuff like public sex, vandalism, alcohol violation, and littering.

Of course, three guys having sex in a public park is salacious and the story has been all around the local news programs. This is what KWWL had to say about the story:

In case you cannot read the second paragraph, it reads "Johnson County deputies say... both from Cedar Rapids were allegedly getting jiggy in the jungle when a man walking on the Hawkeye Wildlife Area noticed and called the police."

Yes. "Jiggy in the jungle." That's how KWWL reported these arrests last night on the air. That's the quality of reporting that they offered Southeast Iowa last night.

KWWL has since changed the wording of their report to say "were allegedly performing sexual acts."

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