Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kim Davis: I Have Gay Friends! // Plus: The ACLU Files Complaint About Davis Altering Kentucky's Marriage License Forms

Kim Davis just won't go away. Late last week, an attorney representing one of her deputy clerks issued a statement expressing concerns that the modified marriage licenses that are now being issued by the Rowan County Clerk office are invalid and an attempt to circumvent federal law.

Now we learn today that the ACLU has filed a new complaint in federal court alleging the same concerns:
Kim Davis could be heading to court again, this time for altering same-sex marriage licenses. After spending five days in jail for refusing to issue them altogether, the Kentucky clerk is back to work but is giving altered licenses. Instead of having her name, the documents say they were issued under the authority of the federal court. Attorneys for four couples are questioning the validity of those changes asking a federal judge to order Davis’ office to re-issue the licenses.
And then this morning, viewers of ABC's "Good Morning America" were subjected to multiple segments in which Kim Davis was interviewed about her refusal to do her job. I watched one of those segments. It went on way too long.

On the one hand, Kim Davis says that she cannot have her name on the marriage licenses because it's a violation of her religious beliefs to have her name attached to a processed same-sex marriage license. On the other hand, she criticized this one gay man who was happy to finally have a marriage license. After all, she reasoned, it's pretty sad when your happiness is influenced by one single sheet of paper.

Oh... And Kim Davis wants the world to know that she has gay friends. She asserted that she has gay friends and that they agree to disagree on this subject. And she has apparently turned away her gay friends when they came to her office seeking marriage licenses. Of course, the obvious follow-up that we never see if where the interviewer asks for names and then schedules interviews with those alleged friends.

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