Friday, September 18, 2015

Kim Davis: I Received Accommodations Allowing My Clerks to Process Marriage Liences Without My Name or County Office on Them -- But I'm Still Appealing!

Kim Davis returned to work this week and promised to continuing refusing to issue marriage licenses to her constituents, which is one of the job duties performed by county clerks in the state of Kentucky. But she also said that she would not interfere with deputy clerks who processed marriage licenses, which she hasn't. And she apparently modified the license template, which doesn't appear to upset anyone else. Her Liberty Counsel attorney told everybody that they were happy with these newest developments and that these accommodations were exactly what Kim Davis has been asking for since this whole culture war battle began. Case closed, right?

Wrong. Liberty Counsel continues to file challenge after challenge in federal court, attempting to overturn earlier decisions that require the Rowan County Clerk office to issue marriage licenses -- which, once again, is one of the long-standing functions of that office.

The latest appeal that just got smacked down by the courts responded to Davis' stupid argument that she was only required to issue marriage licenses to people who sued her or her county office. CBN New reported on this earlier today:
Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis has lost another appeal. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals said she has to grant marriage licenses to all couples, not just those who filed a lawsuit against her. Those couples received their marriage licenses while Davis was in jail for refusing to obey a judge's order to do so. 

Meanwhile, hundreds of Christians cheered Davis' husband at a rally for Constitution Day in Nashville, TN. Rafael Cruz, father of Republican Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz, was also there. Cruz, who is a pastor, said "the Devil overplayed his hand when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.
Here's another way of looking at this. Kim Davis and Liberty Counsel want the courts to agree to an argument that would eventually result in Kim Davis and the Rowan County Clerk office to be dragged into court over and over and over by disgruntled tax-payers who just want to file their paperwork, plop down their $35 fee, and leave with their license.

I won't even go into this never-ending battle to rip apart thousands of existing same-sex marriages.

You can watch the entire clip here.

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