Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kim Davis Sent to Jail for Defying Court Order and Refusing to Do Her Job

I've spent pretty much most of my waking hours since 4:30 AM on the road. In other words, my brain is fried. One story was all over the radio news today: Roman County Clerk Kim Davis was found guilty of contempt in federal court and sent to jail. This comes following a series of court orders that she resume providing marriage licenses to the people of her community.

Davis stopped issuing marriage licenses following this summer's Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage. She said that issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples would violate her religious liberties.

She's fortunate that a Catholic clerk did not assert his or her religious liberties when she applied for her fourth marriage license.

A group of couples who live in Rowan County, KY, filed a lawsuit against Davis. They were represented by the local ACLU office, who specifically asked the court to impose fines against Davis -- not jail time. The judge decided that fines would not be enough to convince Davis to do her job. That's why she was sentenced to jail.

Davis had the opportunity to get out of jail today. The judge introduced a compromise. Her deputy clerks could issue marriage licenses. Five out of six of her deputies are willing to do this. But Davis will not permit this to happen.

So she sits in jail.


Katy Anders said...

I wish she hadn't ended up in jail.

She obviously wanted very badly to be a martyr, but it sounds like everyone involved was trying to find another way for this to get resolved.

Now we get to hear about how Christians are going to jail just for practicing their faith.

Jon said...

Yeah, I know. It really sucks.