Saturday, September 12, 2015

Liberty Counsel: The Gay Couples Suing Kim Davis Got Married While She Was in Jail, So She Shouldn't Need to Issue Any More Marriage Licenses!

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has been out of jail for a few days. She's expected to return to work on Monday. She was sent to jail due to a contempt of court order for refusing to process marriage licenses in her county, despite numerous court orders and failed appeals. She was let out of jail because her deputies had begun processing marriage licenses while Davis was in jail. She is out of jail now, but has been told to not interfere with the marriage licenses.

Since then, Davis' attorneys have filed a couple court challenges aimed at delaying new licenses. One challenge was immediately batted down last night, after Davis' attorneys filed a motion to have her name and authorization removed by Kentucky's governor from the state's marriage license form. Keep in mind that she filed in federal court instead of state courts, which might have actually had the power to make the accommodations that Davis is seeking.

Davis' attorneys also argued yesterday in court that since all of the couples who had sued Davis for marriage licenses had gotten marriage licenses while she was in jail, she should never have to issue another marriage license again in Rowan County, KY. They argued that U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning had incorrectly included all eligible couples in his earlier court ruling -- not just the couples who were suing Davis for marriage licenses. Davis and her attorneys are now seeking a delay to the order that she issue licenses while this issue is clarified.

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