Monday, September 14, 2015

Nebraska Man Charged with Robbery in Coralville, IA // Threatened Victim with Knife Over Cigarette

A Nebraska man was staying at the Heartland Inn in nearby Coralville, IA, when he got arrested and charged last night with First Degree Robbery. 27-year-old Duop Tut now faces 25 years in prison after threatening another man with a knife -- after the victim declined to give him a cigarette:
Officers were called to the Heartland Inn in Coralville about 7:30 Sunday night on a report of a person attacking someone else with a knife. The victim pointed out 48-year-old Duop Tut of Grand Island, Nebraska, as the person who attacked him. According to the victim, Tut had pulled out a knife and thrust it at him after the victim refused to give Tut a cigarette. Tut then pulled out the knife in front of the officer, asking the victim if he was scared of it.
According to press reports, Tut smelled of alcohol and admitted to being drunk to the police.

Tut faces charges of First Degree Robbery and Public Intoxication. He is currently at the Johnson County Jail in Iowa City.

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