Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Punisher Coming to Marvel Comics??

Marvel Comics has been messing around with its iconic characters in recent years, giving us a black Captain America (FKA Falcon), a female Thor (AKA Jane Foster), a new female Wolverine (AKA X-23), and a new Asian Hulk (AKA Amadeus Cho). Now it looks like the Punisher (AKA Frank Castle) might go through some changes soon.

Back in the early 90s, there were a series of replacement Punishers. This particular Punisher is a black Brit named Outlaw (AKA Nigel Higgins). He's been around off and on, but he's not particularly well known.

Except that Outlaw will be appearing in Marvel Comics' upcoming CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS series, which debuts next month. Nothing specific has been said about Higgins taking over as Punisher. Except that the idea has been floating around in more than one online comic book website, which implies that it's going to happen.

So... will Marvel Comics be replacing Frank Castle with a black Punisher? That's the money bet, if you believe the rumors...

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