Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pat Robertson: Christians Deserve A Better Champion than Kim Davis, But She's What We Got! // Plus: Caitlin Jenner On The Wheaties Box???

CBN's "The 700 Club" led their program today with the continuing saga related to Kim Davis, her refusal to issue marriage licenses to the taxpayers of her county (i.e., her constituents), her contempt of court jail sentence, and her subsequent release from jail. Turns out that Pat Robertson isn't terribly impressed with Kim Davis' Christian creds:
Pat Robertson: This was founded as a Christian nation. There’s no question about it. The Supreme Court – in an 1892 case – said “we are a Christian nation.” That was in the court dictum. We are a Christian nation. And what Huckabee said about the criminalization of Christianity… Can you believe that? A hundred year later? A hundred and fifty or thirty, forty, however years it is later… Christianity, the founding principle of this nation is criminalized. You go to jail if you believe in God and stand fast in your beliefs against the onslaught of secular humanism and the flood that comes along with it. 

 It’s not a pretty picture, ladies and gentlemen. Kim Davis is not exactly the champion that we would all want to stand up for our beliefs, but nonetheless she did it and she’s the heroine of the piece. But there will be many, many others and the idea that you would have to go to jail… It’s just appalling!
I guess that Pat's holding out for a new hero...

Later, the "The 700 Club" did a segment on some Christian athlete who had some medical complications, but who is currently on the mend with aspirations towards competing in the 2016 Olympics. It was an interesting segment, which Pat Robertson then used to attack Caitlin Jenner:
Pat Robertson: Amazing thing to win the decathlon. You know, the thing... You watch that and who was the hero who won the Olympics? Bruce Jenner! Who's had a sex change operation! And he's now Caitlin! And you just say, "He was on the Wheaties Boxes as our hero!

Wendy Griffith: Even like Mike was saying... Even though he had all this success, he was still unfulfilled.

Pat Robertson: Yeah!

Wendy Griffith: And you wonder with Bruce Jenner if that's why he kept searching for something to feel okay.

Pat Robertson: I can't even get into his head. I don't even have an idea!
To be fair to Pat, I don't have much good to say about Caitlin Jenner or any of her family. But it's just the latest in a string of slights that Pat Robertson's made towards trans women on his program.

You can watch the whole thing here.

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