Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pat Robertson: God Will Financially Destroy the USA Over Gay Marriage // Kim Davis Still Refuses to Do Her Job

CBN's "700 Club" and Pat Robertson weighed in on the latest involving Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' continued refusal to do her job and process marriage licenses for the taxpayers of her community:
John Jessup: A federal judge has ordered Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis to appear in his courtroom for a hearing Thursday. Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples based on her religious beliefs even after the governor ordered her to do so or resign. She appealed her case all the way to the Supreme Court and lost. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Davis say they want the judge to fine her, but not send her to jail. Davis says that her stand is about gays – not about gays or lesbians, but about religious liberty. Pat, she and six deputy clerks will have to appear in court tomorrow morning. 

Pat Robertson: Isn’t a shame? There was a time that homosexuality was considered an aberration. It was illegal, as a matter of fact. And the thought of two homosexuals marrying one another was just undreamed of. We couldn’t even conceive of it! 

And now the Supreme Court of the United States has said this is a constitutional right. And in the process, they are upending the traditions of thousands of years of the Judeo-Christian faith. And as Chief Judge Roberts said, “Who do we think we are?” 

Just think. Five people in black robes – just five of them – out of nine… Five people have determined the orientation of the families of the United States of America. And this clerk who says “I don’t think I ought to sanctify a homosexual marriage.” Chances are she will be heavily fined or she will go to jail. And that’s just the warm-up battle against this particular thing. 
Robertson then accused China’s financial woes on gays marrying and said that God will punish us for our gay weddings.

Here’s a thought: Kim Davis could do the job that she was elected to do and resume the processing of marriage license applications again. She is not approving the quality of any marriage – just as she never has. She’s receiving their documents and making sure that everything is in order and then issuing the licenses.

I hear people say that the taxpayers of Rowan County should travel to other counties for marriage licenses. However, they elected her to do this job. They should not need to go elsewhere to have this function of her job completed. And some of her people cannot afford to go elsewhere.

 It makes you wonder how Kim Davis had felt had a Catholic county clerk cited his or her religious liberty and refused to process her own fourth marriage license on the basis of her three divorces?

You can watch the whole clip here.

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