Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pope Francis: I Support Kim Davis' Refusal to Work // Update: Kim Davis & Pope Francis Held a Private Visit

(Originally written on 09/29/15): Social conservatives who were fuming at Pope Francis this week for speaking out in favor of economic and environmental justice were tossed a bone when he seemingly came out in support of Kim Davis' refusal to do the job that the people of Rowan County, KY, elected her to complete:
Pope Francis is defending the rights of Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to endorse same-sex marriage license. On his flight home from visiting the U.S., the Pope said the conscience rights of officials to object to gay marriage should be respected. Kim Davis was sent to jail for standing firm for her Christian beliefs. 

She recently spoke with CBN’s David Brody on “The Brody File” about her case and how some have criticized her because she was married three times before she gave her life to Christ: 
"Why would God, of all people, choose me with my past to stand up and defend something that I had failed so miserably at in the world? And then I have to remember that I’m a new person. I gave my life to Christ. His blood cleansed me and washed me clean. And the old has passed away and the new stands in front of you. Yeah, I’m a very unlikely person to stand and defend the word of God."
One has to wonder if Pope Francis understood that Kim Davis ran for an elected position at a time where it was clear that she would eventually be required to expand marriage licenses to same-sex couples? You also have to wonder if the Pope realized that Davis refused to let anyone in her county receive marriage licenses and she refused to delegate the task to any of her deputy clerks? Plus, she altered the documents in a way that makes it unlikely that they are actually legally valid.

You can watch the whole CBN clip here.

Updated on 09/30/15: It was reported late last night that Kim Davis received a private visit with Pope Francis last Thursday evening. They hugged. She cried. He told her to "stay strong" or whatever. And then he gave her some special rosaries.

I became surprisingly grumpy after hearing about it and vented a bit on Twitter last night:

Of course, Kim Davis, her legal team, and her supporters are all over this story today. Meanwhile, she still needs to do her job...

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