Friday, October 23, 2015

Gunshots Today Near Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids

Gunshots were fired today near the campus of Kirkwood Community College over in Cedar Rapids, IA, this morning. The news reports on the subject was fairly brief:
Cedar Rapids Police are investigating a report of shots fired near the Kirkwood Community College Campus. In an email sent by Kirkwood CC, officials say no one was hurt. The shots were reported at College Park apartments. The suspect vehicle has left the area. Police say there is no threat to campus at this time.
It's worth pointing out that this took place near campus and not at campus. Plus, nobody was injured.

I made the mistake of reading the article's Facebook responses and was treated  to a series of posts attacking gun control advocates, as well as people from Chicago (That's code for "black." My multiracial son is regularly told to go back to Chicago even though he was born and raised in Iowa, as was his birth father. Heck, none of his birth family is from Chicago; but adults tell him to go back to Chicago when he walks to school. Note that this annoys and offends me. *Mini-rant over*)

Anyway, here are the comments on the KGAN Facebook page:

It's possible that the person who fired this gun is black. It's possible that he or she is another race. It's possible that it was fired at someone else. It's possible that it was an accidental discharge. It's possible that we will never know.

But I'm tired of the rude, racist remarks that follow these types of reports.

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