Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Day at the 2015 Iowa City Metaphysical Expo

I spent most of today at the Johnson County Fairgrounds attending the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo. I attended last year's expo, largely on a whim. I believe that I've shared that I am a bit of an agnostic when it comes to psychics, ghosts, and the paranormal. I want to believe, but I definitely struggle with doubt. But I had a lot of fun and I gained a new chiropractor out of the expo last year, so I have patiently waited all year for the 2015 expo to arrive!

Once again, the admission price was completely affordable ($5) and there was plenty of free parking. There were plenty of exhibitors, including psychics, ghost hunters, spiritual advisers, Reiki practitioners, aura interpreters, shamanic healers, and local shops that specialize in oils, crystals, and other spirituality-themed merchandise.

Similar to last year, Iowa City Metaphysical Expo has a wide range of speakers scheduled throughout the day. I didn't arrive until around 11:30 AM, so I missed my opportunity to see either of the first classes.

I briefly attended an event called Paranormal Investigation: Unknown Darkness. Unknown Darkness is a team of paranormal investigators from nearby Cedar Rapids, IA. They are also the official team connected with Edinburgh Manor in nearby Jones County, IA, and some of their members were featured on Travel Channel's recent Edinburgh Manor-themed episode of "Ghost Adventures." They spoke about the history of paranormal investigation and, I believe, talked about their experiences with the "Ghost Adventures" program. However, since I saw their program last year, I decided to leave a bit early to attend a conflicting panel...

That conflicting panel was Connecting with Spirit Guides & Departed Loved Ones by Don Marlette. He shared some of his story and then guided audience members on learning a meditative process that opens us up to communing with spirit guides and deceased loved one. I was able to get into the guided meditation, but I wasn't able to get deep enough to actually make a connection. But, practice makes perfect.

I then took a break for lunch and ended up chatting for about fifteen minutes with Mr. Marlette. We talked about our families and I asked him some questions about how he made the career shift from where he was to where he is now. He was a very nice man.

Afterwards, I attended the first of two keynote events: Eden Energy Medicine by Amy Williams. Her event explored the concept of BodyMind Consciousness (i.e., the idea that everything is energy, space, and consciousness). She demonstrated different tools and practices that people can use to manipulate energy to relieve stress and promote certain types of healing.

I then attended the second keynote event, which was a Gallery Reading by Eric and Bert AKA 2GuysInTheKnow. They offer paired readings to their customers. They shared how their own abilities manifested and also why they decided to create their unique dual readings.

The rest of that hour was spent with them offering mini readings to random expo attendees, including me! We drew numbers and they managed to randomly draw my number before the hour was up. I asked for a vocational forecast, as my career is not as secure as it was a couple of years ago due to changes with Iowa's Medicaid system (which is a story for another day!!). The gist of their answer was that I might be ready to make a change to a more secure position, but the position that I have been seeking isn't there yet... but it will eventually arrive! They encouraged me to stick things out. Additionally, they said that this time next year, everything will change when it comes to my work. Maybe that means that I will have a new job. Maybe that means that I will have the same job, but things will be different (most likely scenario). Or maybe I'll be doing something completely different!

I then began exploring the exhibition hall. Unlike last year where I only spoke with the chiropractor, I actually tried out some of the more metaphysical exhibitors in the hall! First, I finally tried out Reiki! I received a 15-minute session by Kelly Carrell of ReikiTree. She was really nice and did a general session for me. She focused a bit on my head, as I was feeling a lot of stress and heavy energy in my forehead area. I definitely could tell a difference afterwards and the experience was generally relaxing.

I then got a reading from Lauracle. She is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient who offered 30 minute readings. She provided a general reading for me, describing me as a healer and intelligent man. She shared some past life information with me. I then asked her about my vocational forecast (as described above). She also indicated that my job situation is fairly stable for the next several months, but that it might be in my best interest to proactively explore other opportunities in 2016 -- if only to offer myself some sense of control over my life. She also encouraged me to consider college again within the next five years -- after that, it won't be a productive endeavor for me. Over all, Laura was very nice.

I then chatted briefly with the folks at Unknown Darkness about their group and about "Ghost Adventures." I told them that I thought it was cheesy when the program had actors ramble through the grounds at Edinburgh Manor. But I told them it was still cool that they got to appear on the show. They talked to me about various paranormal investigations that they have planned in the near future and encouraged me to come along sometime. Who knows? (If I do, you know that I'll write about it here on this blog!)

I then met with Lynn at Prairie Land Pagan Radio. Prairie Land Pagan Radio is a Pagan-themed Internet radio program that currently airs on the weekends on Blog Talk Radio. The station is based out of Coralville, IA. I told him about KICI 105.3 FM, that low-power FM station that I am now currently working with. I told him that we plan to have KICI active in Iowa City and Coralville in 2016 and encouraged him to get involved with the station for terrestrial broadcasting opportunities. He seemed interested, so hopefully this new connection will eventually bear fruit!

I then went to a class called Awaken & Strengthen Your Supernatural Abilities by Kimberli Ridgeway of Dreamwalker LLC. The class was meant to awaken suppressed talents and abilities and it was interesting. But it was also intense. I felt like a kindergartner in a calculus class!

Lastly, I attended a class called Sacred Activism by Michelle Stafford of the Illuminations Healing Arts Center. Sacred Activism is a combination of spiritual knowledge with compassion-based service to humanity. It was a really interesting discussion, which resonated with how live my own belief system. It was a good program to end the afternoon!

Once again, the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo was lots of fun and well organized! They already have a date for next year's event: October 15, 2016. Most likely, I will be there! Thanks guys!

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Katy Anders said...

This sounds like fun! I didn't know such a thing existed. Have to look for something like it in my area.

Especially if it's only $5!