Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pat Robertson: Christians Should Leave Churches That Support Gay Marriage // Plus: Gay Relationships Are the Ultimate Departure from God!

CBN's "The 700 Club" has been actively railing against gay people and our families over the past few weeks. Maybe they always obsessed on this topic, but I don't remember seeing material on the show quite this often. Right now, you can count on something appearing on the program on a daily basis.

The Bring It On segment is where the subject came up today. Co-host Wendy Griffith shared the following question by a viewer named Jerry: "Our church is attempting to instill same-sex marriage. I am no Bible scholar, but I cannot find one piece of scripture to support such a thing. Do I leave if it is approved, or do I fight with prayer?"

Here is Pat's answer:
The apostle Paul makes it very clear in Romans. It's the last phase of the human rebellion against God. That's what this whole homosexual thing is. It is the last phase of rebellion against God. Where men give up the natural use of women and start having sex with each other. Where women give up the natural use of men and start having sex with each other. It is the ultimate departure from God. And so you get two of these people. You're going to marry them? And you somehow think that's going to be in the church? If I were you, I'd complain bitterly and get out of that church as fast as I could. What fellowship has Christ with Belial? You don't want to have fellowship with those people!
Just in case you thought that the majority of the Church would come into fellowship with gay Christians or gay-affirming Christians. To them, we are the "ultimate departure from God." We are demons to their Christ.

You can watch the whole segment here.

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