Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Saying Goodbye to "Archie: Riverdale Rescue" // Updated

(Originally written on 10/11/15): I began writing about the "Archie: Riverdale Rescue" iOS gaming app back in October 2013. Since then, the game has expanded to PC users. It's an oddly addictive game where you are tasked with the improvement and beautification of Riverdale USA using a variety of recognizable characters, such as Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica. A big part of the game also involves building emotional bonds between the various characters, leading to romantic couples, BFFs, and overall friends.

I was pretty excited a couple of months ago as it appeared that we would be treated to an new game update for "Riverdale Rescue" soon. I waited and waited until I learned from an online friend that we should be expecting the opposite.

Here is what you get when you open up "Archie: Riverdale Rescue" right now:

If you click the "Learn More" button, you get the following message:

For those without microscopic reading abilities, here is what the second image says:
It's been a wild ride, but like all journeys, Archie: Riverdale Rescue is coming to an end. After October 30th, Archie: Riverdale Rescue will no longer be available for download or purchase. The dedicated efforts of all our players have staved off the disaster Mayor Ruskin left behind. You've cleaned up trash, upgraded houses, built parks, unlocked neighbourhoods, and made new friends; Riverdale is thriving once again!

What does this mean for Riverdale rescuers? We want you to enjoy the full catalogue of Archie characters, clothing, decorations, and fixtures, as well as all remaining quest and comic content. All items (including never-before-seen!) are now available in the Archie store. Soda is on sale at a steep discount -- 100,000 soda for $9.99! Make the most of our last few weeks in Riverdale! Complete quests faster than ever, deepen existing relationships, and max out your Riverdale Rating!

The Gogii Games team wants to thank all Archie: Riverdale Rescue players. Our time imagining, developing, and interacting with the Archie universe has been unforgettable. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to act as contributors to this enduring and beloved license.
I have tried looking at the "never-before-seen" new features in the Archie store, but cannot get the game to fully load for me. I will provide update if and when I eventually get back on the game!

Updated on 10/14/15: I was finally able to get "Riverdale Rescue" to load up for me last night! I was curious to learn what new features I would discover before the game ended. I was hoping for Clay Walker, but that character wasn't there. No new characters or Quests were there when I arrived last night.

Instead, I discovered a bunch of new items that you can purchase within the Archie store:

I don't remember most of these items from when I was playing the game regularly. It seems like a hodgepodge of yard supplies, including statues of Smokey the Bear, Bigfoot, and a cow. There's an interesting sandbox and a tetherball. It looks like they have a stage for the Archies to perform on. And then there's this weird Thanksgiving Day Parade float. It also looks like there's a small assortment of Independence Day items.

And then there is Christmas... A very repetitive Christmas assortment...

Here's the thing. These Christmas items aren't for sale. They are ready to be selected and placed within your own private Riverdale. I really don't remember purchasing any of these Christmas items, nor do I remember getting them as prizes. Then again, I have a shoddy memory, so it's possible. But it's worth checking out to see if you too can get some free Christmas supplies before October 31st!

Update: One final "Archie: Riverdale Rescue" post!


Dennis said...

I downloaded the game (for my Android tablet) but never got around to playing it. Does this mean it will cease to function and be playable after October 30th?

Jon said...

My understanding is that you can still play the game beyond October, but no new players can download the game, nor will you be able to purchase anything.

Then again, I keep getting stalled from entering the game right now, so that could be wishful thinking!

slushman said...

Just checked today - Clay is available! Also, many of the items you posted aren't available for me, but different ones are. Maybe they are limited time?
Anyway, I'm sad to see the game end, but if it'll still be playable, justnot 'live' that'll be ok, I guess.
Thanks for all your updates about it hese past two years! :)

Jon said...

Thanks for looking because he wasn't there earlier this week! Plus there's a Runty slot machine.

Look forward to another update on this post, or a brand new Clay and Runty post!