Sunday, October 25, 2015

Who Is No Name?

I've written a few times about Charlton Neo, which is a resurrection of the classic Charlton Comics lines; as well as Pix-C Web Comics, which features public domain characters from Charlton Comics as well as a few other original characters. Pix-C Web Comics features strips from a variety of genres, including superhero, horror, action, and humor romance. But they recently launched three new strips, including an action/adventure tale titled NO NAME!

NO NAME is a new character created by P.D. Angel Gabriel with dialogue by Mort Todd. This weekly strip appears to be set in a post-apocalyptic future.

"No Name" is a mysterious traveler who lacks memories of his past. He has no history, no family, and no name. However, he finds himself being drawn to the "City of Answers," which is nestled deep within the jungle that he calls home.

His journey to the City of Answers is quickly interrupted by a young woman in a purple dress. She appears to be a sacrificial offering to "the Protectors." We don't know much about them except that you need to have their favor if you want to travel on "The Road." Oh, and they're big!

I don't know much about Izor the Protector, but he's definitely an eyesore!

I'm still not sure exactly where this story is heading, but so far it's been a lot of fun! You too can read No Name's first adventure -- not to mention Yang, No Name, Tuffy Turtle, N.E.O., Skyman, The Knightingales, Deathwatch, The Spookman, Sadistik, Ms. Molecule, and several other great characters, by becoming a patron of Pix-C Web Comics. Those who become patrons (for as little as $1 per month) gain access to several weekly online comic strips. The more you pledge, the more perks you qualify for. I've been contributing $30 per month towards this venture. I encourage to you to become a patron too!

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