Monday, November 2, 2015

Comic Book Speculation: New Comic Book Featuring "The Carneys" Coming Soon! // Updated: Or Not! (Maybe)

(Originally written on 11/01/15): A couple weeks ago, I began hearing about some top secret comic book project featuring Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz. They have been largely tight-lipped, but have indicated that it will not feature the Archie Comics characters:

But then yesterday, Dan Parent posted the following throwback cover featuring Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Facebook:

I made an off-hand comment calling for the revival of the Carneys (written about here and here). Which prompted the following reply for Dan Parent: "stay tuned."

Keep in mind that the Carneys are fairly unique when it comes to Archie Comics characters. Unlike most characters that appear in Archie Comics, the Carneys are owned by Dan Parent and Bill Golliher. In fact, they were trying to make a program on Cartoon Network featuring these characters at one point.

I am throwing out the notion that this new top secret comic book project that Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz are working on is indeed the Carneys! Which would make me so happy. I have been itching to see these characters in action for years!

Of course, I could be wrong. But I look forward to discovering the answer to this riddle when Dan and Fernando eventually make their official announcement!

Updated on 11/02/15: I went forward with my pet theory that Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz are working on a top-secret project featuring the Carneys -- but apart from Archie Comics yesterday. A few hours later, Fernando posted this message on the Archie Comics Fan Forum:
Nope. Jon's wrong. This has nothing to do with Archie.
Dan later posted an update on his blog and on Facebook, each essentially telling us to wait two weeks for a big revelation:

So what do we know about this secret project? Not much. It isn't the Carneys. It's not at all connected to Archie Comics. And it has some connection to Gisele and Pixie Trix Comix, based off the various tags. Plus, I vaguely remember Gisele confirming that somewhere.

I'm sure that we will get more hints, but otherwise we will need to wait for two weeks for the full scoop.

Meanwhile, I'm still left wondering if Dan Parent has a separate project in the works featuring the Carneys???

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