Saturday, November 7, 2015

Jon's Aura & Ms. Lion's Spirit -- 11/07/15

I was invited to an open house at PrismsScape Gem & Healing Center in Iowa City earlier today. I was looking at some crystals and other merchandise when one of the practitioners associated with the business started chatting with me and offered to give me a tour of the facilities. The business has an assortment of practitioners throughout the week (Reiki masters, energy healers, acupuncturists, etc.).

I ended up visiting with a couple of women from A-Ha Moments. They offer aura scans and interpretations. You can use the scans to gain insights into your personality, as well as figure out where things are headed in your life and if that's positive or negative.

I agreed to get a basic scan, which was interesting. Basically, my aura was fairly even and balanced today. Plus, there is opportunity for something new in my life and that will be a positive change. I'm pretty sure I know what she was talking about in this instance. But that's a blog-post for another day!

Now this will sound weird, but there were a couple of female spirits picked up within the picture of my aura. One was on the edge. She was present and watched over me, but wasn't terribly interactive.

But one of these spirits was right over my right shoulder. It was confusing to both of the women as they focused in to the image. They both independently read female energy, but neither could make out a face. They both felt like the spirit was wearing a costume or a mask.

I eventually mentioned that Ms. Lion (my old pekepoo) had recently passed away. This revelation immediately resonated with both women. Part of the confusion is that Ms. Lion doesn't view herself as a dog. In fact, her spirit got quite upset when I called her a dog). She sees herself as a person -- or at least an equal to people. We all laughed as I described Ms. Lion's bedroom (yes, she co-opted Les' bedroom when he moved out) and when I described her pushy attitude.

I have described elsewhere that I view myself as a hopeful agnostic when it comes to paranormal spirituality. And I know that there is still grief within me. But I like the idea of Ms. Lion keeping close and looking out for me.

Even if she was a pain in the ass when she was living!

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