Saturday, November 7, 2015

Katy, TX: Daycare Workers Fired Over Objecting to School's Support of Trans Boy

I learned today of two daycare workers in Katy, TX, who were fired earlier this week after fighting back against efforts to support a 6-year-old trans boy. The refused to call the student by his new name (John) and they refused to refer to John as a boy. Additionally, one of the women (a manager at the preschool) got in trouble for trying to inform all of the students' parents about the presence of the trans child:
“It caused confusion,” says one employee. At Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center on Clay Road in Katy, Madeline Kirksey says last week she and her staff were told a six-year-old student is transgender. According to Kirksey, the child's parents cut the girl's hair short and Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center workers were instructed to start calling the girl a boy and by a boy's name.

Kirksey was a manager at the school and says she suggested informing all parents. Instead, school administrators allegedly gave staff a handout to refer to if students have questions.

“I don't think we should be talking to other people's children who are under the age of 18 about being transgender,” says Kirksey. 

After insisting on notifying parents regarding the transgender 6-year-old student at Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center, Kirksey says she was fired. The termination letter includes claims that she failed to tell a worker to leave a game room and "When requested by parent and management to call a transgender child by the child's new name, Madeline does not follow instructions..." 

A Children's Lighthouse Learning Center teacher says she was also fired for raising concerns about all the confusion, which is apparently even being experienced by the six-year-old child. 

“One day, she wanted to be a girl, the next day she wanted to be a boy," says Kirksey. "The other kids are confused as well, calling her a boy and she would start screaming, 'I'm not a boy!'"
Not surprisingly, neither the school nor the parents of this child agreed to discuss this issue with the station that broke this story.

Outside of two local news reports, I have only seen this story discussed in right wing news sources (which I refuse to link to). But they have pointed out that the trans boy has two gay fathers and they have been accused elsewhere of pushing a "transgender agenda" on their confused child.

Additionally, the two fired daycare workers are claiming that their religious liberties have been infringed, because they objected to the parents and the school respecting the child' trans identity and for getting fired by sabotaging this situation and for insisting on contacting other parents about this private situation.

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