Sunday, November 29, 2015

Latest Anti-Gay Argument: Gay Marriage --> Everyone Going Gay --> No More Babies --> Death of Humanity

I was on the Gay Christian Network yesterday afternoon and noticed that a new GCN member had posted something in the "Ask Me Anything" thread for GCN's founder/executive director, Justin Lee. It was clear that the person wasn't using the thread as a serious effort at asking Justin anything. He was just trolling GCN with a lengthy anti-gay post. Basically, the guy was upset because Justin Lee hasn't told GCN's membership that "Man should not sleep with man." A few people responded and I eventually encouraged them to ignore the post, flag the post, and to stop feeding the troll.

Fast forward to this morning: "Dclark" returned to GCN expressing further dismay that there are homosexuals who believe that you can be both gay and Christian. He said that this is why people (apparently) don't trust gays -- because some of us believe that you can be both gay and Christian. He also asserted that you cannot be a homosexual if you are celibate. Which shows you how much of a disconnect that we had from the beginning with this guy.

But then he got weird. He began equating homosexuality with murder. Here's why:
Worse case scenario: If everyone on earth became homosexual, then, men would not reproduce with women AND therefore, without any births of new human beings on earth, that would end all humanity and YES, that is a form of killing

Therefore YES, believe it, homosexuality has the potential to disobey the commandment: Thou shall NOT kill. 

Homosexuals deny it because they don’t want to admit just how corrupted and bad homosexuality is really about. They pretend as if they have extensive knowledge about love and they pretend as if they believe that killing is wrong but yet they don’t admit that homosexuality on a wider scale would end humanity and in doing so, they don’t admit that that’s a form of disobeying “Thou shall not kill”. 

God gave men and women the power to reproduce and create more people. In the old testament, God commanded that man was to reproduce and subdue the entire earth...

God would not had created humans at all if in the long run God’s plan had been to not have them reproduce at all. 
Can I state the obvious? Humanity is not going to go all gay on us.

I like my marriage. I support equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. But I've never been so vain to imagine that the quality of my marriage will result in a societal ripple effect that will cause anyone -- much less everyone -- to go completely gay who isn't already gay. And even then, my marriage did not cause them to go gay.

I only wish I had that much power!!

On the other hand, I have been encouraged to become celibate by right-leaning Christians as a result of my homosexuality. Even Paul from the Bible encouraged everyone to give up on sex and to prepare for the end of the world. If my same-sex marriage will lead to everyone becoming gay and ceasing to populate this planet, why won't my celibacy lead to everyone giving up sex and ceasing to populate this planet??

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