Friday, November 13, 2015

"My Big Fat Fabulous Life": How to Survive Ripped Pants!

Do you watch TLC's "My Big Fat Fabulous Life?" I don't watch it often, but it's not bad for a reality TV show. It features Whitney Thore, a nearly 400-pound woman who became popular due to her popular "Fat Girl Dancing" videos. Her TV show features her antics and family.

There is this funny promotional clip on YouTube featuring the time when she accidentally splits her pants while shopping for groceries. She's bending over to pick some cheese of the floor when "RIP!!!"

Her mother tells her to pretend like the large hole in her pants is a giant patch, but Whitney will have none of that! She doesn't want people to notice the pink fabric. That would be too embarrasing.

So instead she has her mother glob onto her from behind while they inch their way through the store...

She then changes into a spare pair of pants out in the parking lot -- in full view of anyone and everyone!

But at least nobody saw the hole in her pants. Too funny!

You can watch the whole clip here.

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