Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rick Harrison of "Pawns Stars" Opposes Access to Public Restrooms for Trans Women & Men

Do you watch "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel? Earlier this year, I shared that Rick Harrison, owner of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and "Pawn Stars" personality, came out in support of Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio. He even came to Iowa back in August and helped launch the grand opening of Rubio's Iowa campaign headquarters.

CNN interviewed Harrison recently about the endorsement. Basically, he said that "everyone sort of frowns on you" and he complained that "there have been some endorsements that didn't happen," but the real point of this blog post is Harrison's anti-trans beliefs:
It does worry me to a degree. You get these massive liberal PC police, they don't see the law of unintended consequences. You have some cities that are saying that if you have a man who feels like he's a woman, he can use the women's restroom. I guarantee you that will be taken advantage of by some very bad men who want to go into a bathroom where there's young ladies. That will happen if you pass a law like that. It's not a perfect world. You'll never make it a perfect world.
Because that's not happened. In fact, trans people are like everyone else in that sometimes they just need to pee. I'm aware of one case of a "trans" person that I remember involved a male anti-trans activist who deliberately went into a women's locker room wearing bad drag with the intention of aggitating everyone.

Most bathroom incidents involving trans people have involved cis individuals who have attacked trans people who had sought to access public restroom because they needed to pee (see here and here for just two examples).

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