Saturday, November 14, 2015

Seven Great Things About JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS #8!

I have a small pile of comic books next to my computer that are just waiting for me to write about. It's been difficult over the past month to find the motivation needed to check in with these books. These are some of my favorite comics -- otherwise I wouldn't be writing about them in the first place! But it occurred to me that I really need to begin work on this particular blog, considering that the next issue is scheduled to be released next Wednesday!

I'm talking about JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #8. Last issue featured the introduction of Techrat. The Misfits' new manager, Eric Raymond, hired Techrat to hack into the Holograms' computer network. I was pretty excited about this new development! There were a bunch of other interesting developments that continue to build in this latest issue.

Anyway, here are seven great reasons to check out JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #8!

1. New Video!: Jem and the Holograms have produced a new video -- with major assistance from their holographic computer, Synergy. By all accounts, it's the best video ever. (Would Kimber lie?) But this leads to a discussion about the nature of Synergy. We all know that she's a computer, but she's obviously much more. She's a webmaster. She's a costumer. She's a video producer. But she's also a major secret!

2. Genii In The Bottle: Jerrica and the others then lecture Kimber on why they need to keep Synergy secret. What if the government exploited her abilities? Or some evil corporation? It's pretty clear that Synergy's talents are better used by the Holograms for their music and concerts, right? (Synergy seems convinced...)

3. Pizzazz? Is That You??: This issue features the most diplomatic version of Pizzazz that I have ever seen in print or on the television screen! Pizzazz didn't like Stormer's latest song. Check that. She liked it, but not as a Misfits song. Stormer pushed back and challenged her leadership. Any other time, Pizzazz would have torn up the room. This Pizzazz asserted her authority and then successfully reframed her argument without actually changing her position (i.e., no ballads now; maybe later).

I'm wondering if Pizzazz has been replaced with a Skrull!

4. New Concert!: The Misfits learned in this issue that they'll be touring soon! I wonder who their opening band will be?

5. The Holograms Sign With A Record Label!: The Holograms are all over the place, leaving Jerrica with the responsibility of managing the band, writing their music, and reviewing contracts. She decided to sign with Fivebyfive Records. Who happens to work with the Misfits. Wanna bet that the Holograms will be opening for the Misfits? Wanna bet that this is going to lead to all sorts of crazy drama??

6. Party Crashers!: The Holograms have decided to host an uber-secret Halloween party. They plan to launch their latest video at this costume party. You need to password to get into the party. Guess who found out about the party??

7. Techrat Blocked!: Remember Techrat? He has been trying to hack into the Holograms' computer system, but keeps getting blocked. The harder he tries, the harder he fails. And the harder he fails, the crazier he gets. He's decided that he needs onsite access to the Holograms' computer. Remember that party invitation???

Next issue will focus on the Techrat and the Misfits crashing the party and attempting direct access to Synergy. I wonder if this new Synergy will find a kindred spirit in Techrat?

"Viral! Part Two" was written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Emma Vieceli, colors by M. Victoria Robado, and letters by Shawn Lee.

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