Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Misfits Crash the Holograms' Video Launch Party in JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS #9!

I picked up my copy of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #9 yesterday. I'm not sure what's different this issue compared to last issue. It's the same artist and colorist as last issue, but I'm not really feeling the art most of the time in this current issue. But the story is a lot of fun.

Basically, the Misfits crash the Holograms' Halloween-themed video launch party with good intentions. They have plans to cause all mischief at the party. Techrat plans to hack the Holograms' computer. Jetta plans to push someone into the pool. Pizzazz plans to publicly confront Jem. None of these pranks materialize.


1. Several romances are rekindled.

2. The Misfits discover -- via social media -- that the Holograms will be the opening act for their upcoming tour. (Jon's Note: Called that!)

3. Techrat discovers that something is very wrong with Synergy!

4. Somebody ends up suffering from a major car accident!!

Mostly though, Issue #9 was a lot of fun!! Lots of funny party interactions. But also some sinister indications that Jem and the Holograms are getting a bit over their heads!

"Viral! Part Three" was written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Emma Vieceli, colors by M. Victoria Robado, and letters by Shawn Lee.

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