Monday, November 30, 2015

Tim Tebow & Girlfriend Break Up Due to His "Virginity Vow."

I haven't written about Tim Tebow in a while. The football player is currently trending on Facebook following his break-up with new girlfriend Olivia Culpo (a former Miss Universe). The couple broke up their dating relationship because of Tebow's "virginity vow."

Which is fair. I'm just not sure why it's a big deal. The couple just started dating in September. Part of dating is figuring out if a couple is compatible. They weren't. They broke up after a very short relationship.

My guess -- and this is coming from the cynical part of my personality -- is that Tebow's people linked news of the break-up and of "no sex" excuse in order to remind fans of his virginity creds.  Otherwise, it just seems to be a shrug-worthy development.

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