Monday, December 14, 2015

Alpha Flight To Co-Star in new CAPTAIN MARVEL Comic Book!

Long-time fans of "Jon's Blog" know that I am a fan of Alpha Flight, Marvel Comics' team of Canadian super-heroes. Marvel Comics resurrects this team every so often, but it rarely sticks around. In recent years, Alpha Flight fans have looked pretty much towards the X-Men, which has boasted a small number of former Alphans (namely Northstar and Madison Jeffries) among their ranks. Otherwise, I've always been a bit leery about Alphans appearing in various books because they're usually targeted for some dramatic death scene!

Recently, Marvel Comics announced a new CAPTAIN MARVEL series featuring Carol Danvers as Earth's space-based protector. I'm not a huge Captain Marvel fan, but I was intrigued by this new development: Captain Marvel now leads Alpha Flight!

Of course, we haven't heard much about Alpha Flight except that it's now based out of an orbiting space station:
Carol Danvers now leads Alpha Flight, but this group does more than protect just Canada. In fact, they keep the entire Earth safe from extraterrestrial threats that pop up. With the new gig comes a great deal of science fiction gear and vehicles for Anka to play with.
Looking at a lot of the early preview art, it was unclear to me what this new Alpha Flight would look like. For the most part, it seems like it's a completely all new all different team of support heroes. But then I saw this one image that has made me feel a bit better about this latest incarnation of Alpha Flight:

That appears to be Puck, Sasquatch, and Aurora flying those ships! How many other traditional Alphans will be appearing within this new comic book title? I'm definitely looking forward to picking up CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 when it gets released next month!

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