Sunday, December 20, 2015

Coralville, IA: Image of Masked ATM Thief Emerges // Allegedly Stole $4200 from Elderly Victim

This post is going around Facebook tonight. It was posted by the friend of a friend and involves her mother:
My mom's purse was stolen from her Assisted Living home in Coralville, Iowa. The ATM camera caught this low life using the card to the tune of $4200, at 5:30 AM in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. People like this need to be taken off this earth. How could you steal from a struggling old woman? It's just so beyond me....
Sadly, the elderly and the disabled are prime suspects for financial exploitation -- usually at the hands of family or the people who are paid to assist them with their most personal needs.

Whomever went to this ATM machine knew the victim's ATM PIN number. Unless she has her PIN number written on the card (some people still actually do this), most likely the thief is somebody who assists with her care or is intimately connected to somebody who assists with her care -- either professionally or family.

I'm hesitant to put too much personal information about this case online. But if you see this post and know something about it, why not give the local police a call and help this poor woman out!

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