Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gamble Breaux of "Real Housewives of Melbourne" Hosts $20,000 Animal Wedding

I'm not a huge fan of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Melbourne." I've seen a handful of episodes, but not enough to get hooked or to help me remember any of their names. But I learned tonight that one of Melbourne's Housewives, Gamble Breaux, recently hosted a wedding between a cat and a Pomeranian:
The groom was a cat named Bentley who belongs to a friend of Gamble’s and a Pomeranian named Charlie was the bride. Bentley, of course wore a tuxedo. Gamble tells The Daily Mail Australia, “They love each other and are play buddies. If you love somebody you should be able to marry them.”
She spent $20,000 on the pet wedding, which was part of a charity event.

Charlie wore a "couture gown embellished with beads nad rhinestones," while Bentley wore a "custom-made tuxedo. Breaux officiated at the wedding, which "involved a signing of legal documents." (??!?)

Other women from "Real Housewives of Melbourne" were invited to the animal wedding. None of them came.

Jon's Note: It's worth noting that they spent more on this pet wedding than Husband Mark and I spent on our commitment ceremony and our later marriage ceremony/reception combined!!

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Christa Billich said...

The newly weds are yet to make a comment as they're still enjoying their fabulous honeymoon.

However, we're thrilled that the nuptials has now raise over $30,000 in combined cash & contributions for homeless furry friends at Monika's Pet Rescue!

We of course are over the moon with the union of Charlie & Bentley.

-Mothers in Law,
Christa Billich & Amana Hart