Friday, December 11, 2015

Gov. Terry Branstad Reflects on Gay Marriage in Iowa

Governor Terry Branstad was interviewed by columnist Kyle Munson about a variety of topics, including same-sex marriage:
Munson: What about same-sex marriage? How will history judge you, do you think?

Branstad: Let me just say this. Three members of the Supreme Court lost their job because of what they did. Okay? So the people of Iowa cast their judgement. I stayed out of it. I stayed out of it. Now, the facts are that had Bob Vander Plaats been the Republican nominee, that was the issue that he was campaigning on. I focused on the debt that Culver had put us in and what I wanted to do was focus on jobs and economic development. Yes, I'm pro-life and I believe in traditional marriage. But that was not what I focused my campaign on. I answered all the questions on it. I took a beating from both sides, but I focused on what I believed was important for the state of Iowa. And I think I won the election. And three members of the Supreme Court lost their retention. And so Bob Vander Plaats turned his focus on them after he lost to me in the primary. 

Munson: You'll leave office still believing in traditional marriage?

Branstad: Yes. Absolutely. I'm a Catholic and believe in protecting human life and who believes in traditional marriage.
It's worth noting that subsequent efforts by BVP to vote out Supreme Court judges who overturned Iowa's DOMA law have failed.

Gov. Branstad is the longest-running governor to serve anywhere in the USA. Sadly.

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