Monday, December 21, 2015

Iowa City Church Creates "Star Wars"-Themed Christmas Pageant

A local church is in the news for its "Star Wars"-themed Christmas pageant! The pageant at Iowa City's Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church incorporated characters from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" into their annual nativity story:
To the play's directors, the theme represented a chance to appeal to the children who participated by relating faith to movies that many of them were excited about. Scharlde Franklin, who helped organize the production, said the connections were obvious.

"I've always thought that 'Star Wars' had a spiritual component to it, which is the Force," she said. "And as believers we also believe in a force, which is God."

The church's production was officially called "Star Trip: Our Faith Awakens." About 14 kids from the church participated, said youth choir director Barbara Haack. The story centered on three wise men who follow a star to the baby Jesus. Only, in this version, the wise men are Luke Skywatcher, who puts his faith in science, Only One Kenobi, who believes only in himself, and Yoma, who relies on his family for everything. Over the course of the play the three wise men learn to put their faith in God.
The kids were involved with the creation of this story. The church leadership was pleased with their ability to link their Christian faith with other things in their life (like "Star Wars") that excites them.

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