Thursday, December 17, 2015

Iowa City Earns 100 out of 100 on the 2015 Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index!

I have written a couple of times about Iowa City's Human Rights Campaign's Municipal Equality Index scores (90/100 in 2013 and 100/100 in 2014). This year, the HRC looked at 408 cities from across the nation (up from 353 cities last year) exploring a variety of factors -- including Non-Discrimination Laws, Municipality as an Employer, Municipal Services, Law Enforcement, and Relationship with the LGBT Community -- and established scores for each of these communities.

I discovered Iowa City's 2015 rating earlier tonight and Iowa City ended up with another 100/100 final score for the 2015 HRC's Municipal Equality Index:

Iowa City scored perfect scores when it came to Non-Discrimination Laws, Municipal Services, and Law Enforcement. Under Municipal Services, we earned additional points when it comes to the bonus headings of "Enforcement mechanism in Human Right Commission," "City provides services to LGBT youth," "City provides services to LGBT elderly," and "City provides services to people living with HIV/AIDS."

Iowa City scored 18 out of 24 when it came to Municipality as Employer because we fall behind under the category of "Transgender-Inclusive Healthcare Benefits." But we earned additional points under the bonus heading when it comes to "Municipality is a Welcoming Place to Work."

Iowa City scored 5 out of 8 when it came to Relationship with the LGBT Community because we fall behind under the category of "Leadership's Pro-Equality Legislative or Policy Efforts." But we earned additional points under the bonus heading of "Openly LGBT elected or appointed municipal leaders."

In contrast, nearby Cedar Rapids earned a score of 99 (up from 68 last year), Ames earned a score of 70, Davenport earned a score of 100 (up from 86 last year), Des Moines earned a score of 82 (down from 85 last year), Sioux City earned a score of 83 (up from 61 last year), and Waterloo earned a score of 68.

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