Saturday, December 19, 2015

Iowa Man Shows Off His "Star Wars"-Themed Prosthetic Leg

A Coralville, IA, man has been in the local news recently due to his "Star Wars"-themed prosthetic leg:
His prosthetic leg is specially built, as these early memories inspire him to fight through the medical challenges he's faced for years. "I got diabetes when I was 14," he said. He then had kidney failure and had to get a kidney and pancreas transplant. That triggered his low immune system and a cut he got on his leg at the hospital never properly healed. "The cut got infected," he said. "And after a couple of months, they ended up having to take off my leg." 

But nearly six months ago, prosthetists at the Iowa City office for the American Prosthetics and Orthotics hand delivered him a Star Wars-themed prosthetic leg he designed. "It took me eight hours at a quilt shop to find," Kleis said. He had to secure the right fabric with the correct design for the leg. Prosthetist and orthotist Brent Morgan said the leg is also able to help with uneven pavement. "We were able to provide him with a foot," Morgan said. "That gives him some added capabilities of shock absorption."
Kleis went on to say that he jogged for the first time recently with his new leg.

The KGAN article pointed out that several prominent characters from "Star Wars" -- named Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader -- have both lost limbs and had them replaced with hi-tech prosthetic limbs of their own.

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