Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's a Christmas Truce // Five Great Things to Enjoy about JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!

IDW published this great JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS HOLIDAY SPECIAL earlier this week. I just read my copy and I can't say enough good about this feel-good holiday special! It's that good!

In my last post, I noted that somebody was in a major car accident at the very end of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #9. But I was spoiler-friendly. Until now. It was Pizzazz. She drove off in a huff after learning that the Holograms would open for the Misfits for their upcoming West Coast Tour. She checked an incoming text and ended up smashing up the countryside. It doesn't look like her injuries were life-threatening. However, something happened to her throat. She can barely speak right now -- which isn't terribly positive when you are the lead singer of a band!

Here are five reasons to get excited about JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS HOLIDAY SPECIAL:

1. I Hate Secret Santa Exchanges!: Five By Five Records held its annual Holiday Party and both the Holograms and the Misfits were invited/expected to make appearances. They were told that they missed the drawing for Five By Five's annual Secret Santa gift exchange. However, they all missed the drawing. So somebody else drew for them. Unfortunately, each of the Misfits got Hologram names and vice versa! Not cool!

2. It's a Set-Up!: Turns out the the names were not drawn randomly. This was an effort by Five By Five's management to smooth over the hostility between the two bands:

3. Getting into the Spirit: Everybody was upset about the gift exchange. But then the tide slowly shifted. Shana agreed to design an amazing dress for Kimber's girlfriend Stormer. That prompted Jerrica to encourage the Holograms to shift from lumps-of-coal mode to generosity-mode!

That prompted Kimber to text Stormer for gift ideas, which made the Misfits determined to not be outshined by the Holograms! (Except for Pizzazz, who refuses to get Jem anything for Christmas!!)

What follows is a nonstop shopping spree of outrageous proportions! Even Pizzazz eventually gets into the action!

4. Shana Needs a Man!: Meanwhile, Shana is depressed because everybody is dating except her! Aja sets her up with a guy, but he turns out to be a big loser. But maybe Tony the Cute Bartender will return for future romantic adventures!!

5. Synergy Is So Cute!: Christmas night arrives and everyone gets to open presents -- including Synergy!! I know that something dark and corrupted is hiding deep within Synergy right now, but it's fun to see her being all cute and included with the Holograms!

Like I said before, JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS HOLIDAY SPECIAL is a lot of fun! I really like this artist and the story-telling continues to be topnotch! Plus, it's nice to see the Holograms and the Misfits actually dropping their hostility and attempting to get along for a week or so!

JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS HOLIDAY SPECIAL was written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Amy Mebberson, colors by M. Victoria Robado, and letters by Shawn Lee.

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