Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pat Robertson: Those Who Undermine Others' Faith Need to Repent // Meanwhile, Pat Robertson & "700 Club" Continue to Undermine the Faith of LGBT Christians

I was checking out today's Bring It On segment on "The 700 Club" program on CBN and heard any interesting question by a viewer named David. He asked co-host Terry Meeuwsen the following question: "What happens to a Christian who accidentally makes another Christian lose their faith in Christ and makes them walk away from the faith of Christ? Will God send to hell the one that made the other Christian fall away – and then to burn in the Lake of Fire? What if the person repents and asks for forgiveness? Would God eternally damn a person for accidentally making someone fall away?"

Here is Pat Robertson's answer:
Terry Meeuwsen: I don’t understand that question. 

Pat Robertson: There’s no such thing as “accidentally making someone fall away.” There was a deliberate attempt to undermine somebody’s faith. And Jesus said that “anyone who causes one of these little ones who believed in me to stumble, it’d be better if he had a millstone tied around his neck and thrown in the sea.” But, God will forgive. I keep saying over and over again, God wants to forgive. And the Bible says that “all manner of sins and blasphemy will be forgiven the sons of man.” So you need to come to the Lord and ask for forgiveness. 

But don’t be giving me this stuff about “it was accidental.” It ain’t accidental if you try to go after somebody’s faith. You did it on purpose. 
There are times that Christian leaders are terribly obtuse. Robertson is clearly offended by the idea that this guy said and/or did something to make another person turn away from Christianity (or at least the Church).

But people like Robertson and Meeuwsen constantly do whatever they can to undermine the collective faith of LGBT people through their ministries and programming. People write into this program on a weekly (if not daily) basis to complain about some family member or friend who is gay or who is married to somebody of the same-sex and Robertson always urges these viewers to push back against their LGBT loved ones. "The 700 Club" supports religious schools or businesses who fire LGBT employees. The program pushes back and undermines affirming churches or denominations.

In other words, Pat Robertson and others like him need to reflect on David's letter and take part in some serious introspection. IMHO, as always.

You can watch the entire clip here.

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