Friday, December 4, 2015

Satanic Temple of Detroit Plans to Erect "Snaketivity" Display at Michigan Capitol

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz plan to host a live nativity and Christmas caroling event next weekend at the Michigan Capitol in Lansing, MI. I'm not sure why they're in Michigan instead of Texas, from where Cruz is a lawmaker. But they're doing this in Lansing. Meanwhile, State Rep. Mike Callton of Nashville, MI, will be kicking off Chanukah on Monday with his own display. And Senator Rick Jones of Grand Ledge, MI, will be hosting his own Christian nativity on the 19th.

These religious displays have prompted the Satanic Temple of Detroit to erect its own holiday offering: a "Snaketivity Display" on the Michigan Capital Lawn on the 18th of December, plus a "holiday ceremony" on the 19th:
"The overriding message in our holiday display, and many of The Satanic Temple's public activities, is one of plurality and religious liberty," (Satanic Temple direct, Jex) Blackmore said in a statement. We have no interest in proselytizing Satanism to the public. However, we refuse to allow one religious perspective to dominate the discourse. For that reason, When there is one religious display on public grounds, we'll offer another, and we urge other minority voices to do the same."
According to this article, it appears that the Satanic Temple of Detroit has been given permission to erect their display.

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