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"Celebrity Big Brother" Houseguest Winston McKenzie Gets Evicted After Accusing Gay Adoptive Parents of Abusing their Kids

Here in America, I'm used to watching "Big Brother" every summer on CBS. But Britain's "Celebrity Big Brother" never seems to go away! I mean, I was just writing about the program's latest season back in August and now I'm reading about a new season of the program that's currently ongoing!

Here's the scoop. I got a google alert about gay adoption and it originated from the CBB House. Keep in mind that I have no idea who any of the current celebrities are. But there is one Houseguest named Winston McKenzie who just found himself in hot water after it came up that he believes that gay adoption is a form a child abuse!

Winston is a former boxer who eventually switched over to politics. Back in 2012, he was asked about gay marriage and adoption rights and asserted that children should only be adopted by heterosexual families or by singles:
"To say to a child, 'I am having you adopted by two men who kiss regularly but don't worry about it' – that is abuse," the Metro reported him saying. 
He also told the Metro that gay adoption also violated the human rights of children for denying them the opportunity of growing up "under normal circumstances."

Winston initially upset the "CBB" audience by stating during his initial interview, "I guess I'll just have to stand with my back against a brick wall all the time" if there ended up being any gay Houseguests while he was on the program.

More recently, "CBB" was doing a "Did this Houseguest really say or do that" segment and Winston's anti-adoption statement was brought up and he quickly confirmed that he'd made the statement:
Hell yeah, man! 'Course! I was asked by a newspaper... We were talking about Christianity. And I said there was some people who exhibit Christo-phobia, but I have nothing against them. "Do you believe in gay marriage?" No! "Do you believe in gay people adopting children?" I said no! How can I? I'm a Christian. And in the Christian religion, how can I go against my beliefs? No, I'm not homophobic! No, I don't hate gays! People live their lives as according to how they want to live. But the media! The press! They came out with this crap about me being homophobic.
If you get a chance, you really should watch the clip. The other CBB Houseguests are sitting there in tears and with the mouths hanging open. This revelation lead to several fights and even more tears. Keep in mind that Winston also got in trouble with the "CBB" production team for displaying "unacceptable behaviour towards the women in the house."

There is one thing that I've learned from watching "Big Brother" over the years -- and it appears to carry over also on "Celebrity Big Brother" -- is that you don't want to make big waves early on. This just gives people a reason to nominate and vote you out early!

Which is what happened to Winston McKenzie! He was the first CBB Houseguest to get voted out.

Not only that, but he got berated by UK version of Julie Chen -- who would never berate an evicted Houseguest --, Emma Willis:
When asked what it was like to have all but one housemate vote to evict him tonight, Winston added: “People are entitled to their opinion. I am portrayed as a people hater. I have read it, Emma. There are people in life who aren’t gay and have fought long and hard for their lives. I have nothing against that. When all is said and done, it is the people who will decide. We live in a democratic society and thank God we have the right to express our opinions”.

Emma Willis handled the interview PERFECTLY, in which she questioned him about the comments he made prior to going into the house. Willis said: “You do have the right to have your opinion and I don’t think it’s that people don’t think you should have an opinion, I just think what you’ve said about how adoption by a gay couple is like child abuse. That is extremely offensive”.

Winston attempted to play the “I’m a Christian card”, to which Emma shut him down immediately stating: “Christian or not, that does not come into it. It is your wording, it is how you word things”.
He continued: “I expressed my feelings at the time. It does not mean to say I want to tell someone who wants to adopt a child and look after them that they can’t. I don’t lay down the rules. My comment was made in the heat of a moment, it was a general election, and they (the press) got what they were looking for. Whatever comment I made at the time it wasn’t done from the heart. They portrayed it in whatever way and his spiteful they want to portray it. I agree with my heartfelt feelings. I am not going o change my mind or change my thoughts to suit other people”.
FWIW, Winston indirectly indicated during this interview that he still believes that adoption of children by gays is a form of child abuse!

Which is essentially my beef with the guy. I get that people don't believe that gay people (like me) should adopt children (like I did with my husband). I get that people come to that conclusion for a variety of reasons, including because of their faith. But I really hate it when people tell me that I am abusing my son by raising him. And I really hate it when people make pig-headed statements like "I think gay adoption is a form of child abuse, but don't call me homophobic because I'm not!"

I don't think it's homophobic to disagree with gay adoption. I disagree with the argument, but I understand that there are reasons why people believe this. But it is homophobic to assert that we are abusing our kids just by virtue of becoming their parents. That's completely irrational and over-the-top. Seriously, just own the adjective!

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