Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Introducing Old Lady Squirrel Girl!

Marvel Comics seems to be riffing Old Man Logan starting with THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #4.

A time travel story line has been happening in issues #2 and #3 (here and here) that has resulted in Squirrel Girl being trapped in the 1960s and being left with the responsibility of single-handedly defeating a time-displaced Doctor Doom, who plans to defeat all of Earth's super-heroes before they've even had the opportunity for origin tales. To make things worse, we know that Doctor Doom will win because we've already seen evidence (via Nancy Whitehead's wikipedia app) that Doom will successfully conquer Earth!

Issue #4 shows Squirrel Girl's fruitless effort to defeat Doom -- but ends with the addition of one final time-traveler from our present: Old Lady Squirrel Girl!!

What do you think? Can a 60-year-old woman with squirrel-based powers and forty-plus years of knowledge defeat a crazy dictator??

I think so!!

The bigger question is whether Old Lady Squirrel Girl will continue to be a presence once Squirrel Girl and friends finally return to 2016? That would be so totally and completely awesome if that became truth!!

We will find out for sure next month!

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