Friday, January 22, 2016

Iowa City: Bank Robbery Suspect Charged for West High Bomb Threat

An arrest has been made in connection to this week's bomb threat at West High School in Iowa City. It also looks like the bomb threat may have served as a distraction for a local bank robbery.

30-year-old Clifton Brinkmeyer has been arrested and charged with Threat of Terrorism, which is a Class D felony, in connection to the bomb threat. He had already been charged this week in connection to the armed robbery of U.S. Bank in Iowa City.

Brinkmeyer was first arrested on the morning of Tuesday, January 19th, shortly after the robbery at U.S. Bank:
Dispatchers received a call at 9:04 a.m. for a report of a man with a gun robbing the U.S. Bank branch at 1117 William Street. The caller said the suspect was wearing all black and had a bag in his hand while leaving the bank. A University of Iowa police officer responded, and talked to someone matching the description of the bank robber, according to a release from Iowa City Police Lt. Scott Gaarde. The officer found the man had a plastic gun in his possession. Investigators said surveillance footage and witness statements identified the suspect as the man who robbed the bank.
Brinkmeyer was charged with 2nd Degree Robbery, which is a Class C felony, in connection to this armed robbery of U.S. Bank in Iowa City. He was subsequently able to post bond and was released from jail.

Police searched Brinkmeyer's car following his initial arrest and recovered his cell phone. They determined that this phone was the one used to make the 911 call that there was a bomb at West High School:
According to a criminal complaint, GPS and cell site information were used to confirm the phone found in Brinkmeyer’s car made the 911 call.
Brinkmeyer has been re-arrested on the terrorism charge and remains in jail at this time. He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted of both crimes.

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