Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Iowa City Police: Yesterday's Bomb Threat at West High School Likely Linked to Multiple Other Bomb Threats

It's looking like yesterday's bomb threat at West High School might be linked to a series of similar bomb threats at schools in other parts of the USA:
Iowa City Police Lieutenant Bill Campbell said the call about the bomb threat at West came from a robotic-sounding voice and seemed to come from a computer-generated phone number.

“Certainly there were a lot of them that were received around the country about that time," Campbell said. "Obviously we'll look to see if they're consistent with the other ones that were received."

More than two dozen other schools in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Delaware also received reports of bomb threats Tuesday, and at least 26 schools in New Jersey received threats made in a robotic voice that appeared to come from computer-generated phone numbers, Reuters reported.
A bomb squad searched the entire West High campus yesterday and found no evidence of explosives.

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