Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Iowa City Salvation Army to Host Temporary Daytime Homeless Shelter During the Coming Winter Months

The Salvation Army announced that it will be hosting a temporary daytime homeless shelter here in Iowa City in order to provide warmth and protection during the winter months:
The Winter Day Shelter would open Jan. 11 and run through mid-March, depending on the weather, the Salvation Army said in a press release Tuesday afternoon. It will be in the Salvation Army building at 1116 S. Gilbert Court in Iowa City with hours from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

Day Shelter Coordinator Rachel Lehmann said the goal was to give people a place to warm up in the mornings and to offer a light breakfast.

"In the past, the Salvation Army has done a warming center, but it hasn't been structured by time. It has been structured by temperature," she said.

This year, Lehmann said she wanted to be consistent so people would know when they could access the shelter. The schedule is intended in part to mirror the schedule of a temporary nighttime homeless shelter that opened in mid-December and is run by Shelter House.
The article goes on to explain that the Salvation Army started up their daytime homeless shelter in the mornings because there currently are no other options for people to go during the mornings to seek shelter from the cold. People typically seek shelter in the afternoons at the Johnson County Crisis Center

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