Friday, January 15, 2016

Jacksonville, FL: Man Admits to Molesting Children While Speaking Out Against LGBT-Inclusive Human Rights Ordinance

Earlier this week, the City Council in Jacksonville, FL, held a public hearing on the expansion of the city's Human Rights Ordinance to include "sexual orientation, gender identity and expression" to the list of protected populations and characteristics that you cannot discriminate on the basis of.

Of course, the church communities came to the meeting to speak out against this change. Because it involves LGBT people and religious people too often do not want consequences when they discriminate against LGBT people.

Tuesday's meeting took a turn for the weird when one of the opponents offered his opinion for why the Human Rights Ordinance shouldn't be expanded -- and, in the process, confessed to repeatedly molesting children and always evading legal consequences:
“I lived most of my life sexually assaulting kids and never went to jail. Because why? Kids believed me that hey this is, you’re alright son. This is not a problem. Okay? This happens in homosexual lifestyle,” Bay said.

When Bay made his statement the meeting nearly stopped. He was speaking against the ordinance saying homosexuals don’t need the protection. Bay said he was molesting kids in restrooms most of his life, he’s never been charged with a crime and there is no record he ever did it. Now the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is looking into it.
You can listen to his whole speech here. You can also hear the audience cheer for him because -- despite admitting to sexually assaulting kids -- he eventually found Jesus.

As noted above, authorities are now looking into Roy Bay's confession.

Bay came to the meeting with a group from Evangel Temple. The church's pastor later expressed surprise at Bay's confession and said that they are taking action to make sure that the church's children are safe from harm.

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