Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mason City, IA: Nude Cleaning Service in the News

I learned today that there is a "nude cleaning service" based out of Mason City, IA. As reported by North Iowa Today:
NIT recently spoke to a person who claims she, along with several others, are involved in running a nude cleaning service here in Mason City. The woman – who spoke to NIT on the condition of anonymity – says that she was recently homeless. After scrambling to find a roof over her head, she devised the idea to offer cleaning services – something she had done in the past – but add the twist of nudity to the money-making equation.
This business charges $50 per hour, plus travel expenses. There are currently three women currently working for this business, plus some men, and they all clean in the nude. The business is advertised on Craigslist. Lastly, there is no sexual contact. Just cleaning.

As long as the work is being done inside and on private property (and presumably as long as there continues to be no sexual contact), this appears to be legal in Mason City.

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