Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rose Bowl 2015: Stanford Band Mocks Iowa With Farm-Themed Halftime Performance

The Hawkeyes had a great football season in 2015 -- at least until yesterday's Rose Bowl where Stanford badly defeated us with a score of 45-16. I'm not a huge football fan, but I know several fans who are still smarting this morning over yesterday's loss.

However, the big news that's been all over Facebook this morning involves Stanford's band and their halftime performance. They have a history for mocking the team and home communities and yesterday's performance was clearly targeted at Iowa and our agriculture industry.

The band apparently performed the theme song for The band members marched in the shape of a sad farmer and a corn maze. Two band members dressed in a cow suit and I've been told that they simulated cow-tipping.

It's been interesting to read the hostile reactions from Iowa fans -- people who normally don't react so strongly. Some of it, I suspect, is a result from the horrible game defeat. But I think that some of it comes from our collective anger at anti-Midwest elitism (much like this situation).
For example:
The Standford band mocked the agricultural industry on national television during the biggest college football game of the year. People are offended by this who usually don't get worked up about petty bullshit like this (for example me). But in response the Standford band and people who don't know anything about how important agriculture is to this great country of ours are saying, "don't get upset its just college students being dumb." I agree they are dumb. A bunch of law kids disgracing the biggest industry in America. We can survive with those people but we can not survive without the farmer. Im glad the band got suspended from all road games next year and they should be discipline more for this disgusting act. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
The Leland Stanford Junior University band is so representative of their home state. How does a school that claims to be this good allow their band to have this little class, repeatedly? This is the lack of respect that these massive "prestigious institutions'' teach I guess. The band probably think meat comes from Aisle 5 and that cutting out the midsection of the country would improve it. Well what if we just cut off CA and let it fall into the ocean, they probably don't know how to swim either. What a shameful display.
Too bad that Stanford disrespects their opponent and the great tradition of the Rose Bowl with their juvenile antics of their band at halftime. By the way geniuses, do your research next time since you are a research institution, the cow was a Holstein. That's dairy, they raise those in Wisconsin. We raise beef cattle in Iowa, but our leading crop is corn. Once again, geographical, elitist ignorance from a left coast school. Too bad your expensive education doesn't include maturity and class. Proud to be a Hawkeye!
ESPN cut away from the performance within a couple of minutes so I haven't actually seen much of the actual performance. But I've been told that Iowa fans were loudly booing them from the seats. Stanford's band ultimately got in trouble for their performance and won't be allowed to perform at away games for a year.

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