Monday, January 4, 2016

West Virginia Woman Gives Birth to Baby on New Year's Day // Didn't Realize She Was Pregnant Until She Went Into Labor!

I read a story about a baby who was born on New Year's Day to parents who hadn't realized that the mother was pregnant until she went into labor:
For William Alderson and Brittany Henson, New Year's Eve started off just like any other day. "I'm a manager at Pizza Hut and I had gone to work," Henson said. "I was having cramps and I had actually gone into labor at work." 

She had no idea that the new year would bring a new family member. "I didn't actually know I was pregnant," Henson said-- something that Alderson agreed with. "We did not know she was pregnant," he said. 

At 2:25 a.m. Friday, ready or not, the couple became proud parents of a little boy. Liam became the first baby born in the new year at CAMC Women's and Children's Hospital in West Virginia. He was a 9.1 pound surprise. "I couldn't believe nine months and not a sign," Alderson said. "It was just a complete surprise -- a wonderful and beautiful surprise."
I used to be skeptical about these stories of surprise pregnancies. But then somebody whom I know quite well discovered that she was pregnant about two weeks before giving birth. I had actually sat with her about a month before she discovered that she was pregnant and I would never have guessed that she was pregnant.

I have no clue about Brittany Henderson's health history, but my friend had actually gone to the doctor several times for some of her pregnancy symptoms and was repeatedly sent home with medicine meant to treat GERD. Finally, an ER doc gave her a pregnancy test and voila!

Back to Baby Liam. His parents are very excited to have a baby, but are obviously completely unprepared. No baby clothes. No crib. No toys. No baby food. Hopefully, they have family and friends with deep pockets!

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