Saturday, January 23, 2016

Would You Caucus for Batman or Superman? // PLUS: Vote for Squirrel Girl AND Read THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #3!!

There was an article on KGAN's Facebook page this morning asking me if I would caucus for Superman or Batman. It's part of an effort to educate students about the caucuses, which will finally occur on February 1st. (Jon's Note: Not a moment too soon! I'm sick of the nonstop calls from campaigns and pollsters! It's getting way out of hand. And it sucks worse for us because we're part of a two-party household!! But I digress...)

According to KGAN, Superman won the Republican mock caucus and Wonder Woman and Captain America won the Democratic mock caucus. (Jon's 2nd Note: There is no way that Superman would run as a Republican, certainly not how he has been written for the past generation. Plus, there's the whole naturalized American thing, which probably applies to Wonder Woman also!) (Jon's 3rd Note: Is it even possible for two people to win one party's caucus?? I call shenanigans!!)

Anyway, I was asked if I would caucus for Superman or Batman. So I commented that I would go for a Third Party Option: Squirrel Girl! Because she has the power of friendship and the ability to overcome political gridlock in Washington DC! (Jon's 4th Note: Yes, I know that there aren't third party caucuses in Iowa. But there should be, especially if Squirrel Girl is an option!!)

Which reminded me that I never blogged about THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #3 when I was published last month!! The previous issue had begun with Squirrel Girl mysteriously transported into the 1960s -- leaving behind a present where nobody, except her BFF Nancy Whitehead, remembers that she ever existed!

Nancy figured out where (when?) to find Squirrel Girl, but now she finds herself in the unenviable position of needing to find a time-traveler who can help her get her friend back into the present. Which she does. Sadly, it's a time-displaced version of Doctor Doom -- one who is still smarting from the time that Squirrel Girl defeated him with an army of squirrels!

Doom agrees to help Nancy reach Doreen -- tricking him into believing that she had traveled back before his time in order to defeat him. Nancy was needed to talk down Squirrel Girl and once that happened, everyone would travel back to the present and all would be good and happy.

Of course, that's when the question came up why none of the time-displaced people that Doreen had discovered back in the 1960s remembered each other -- particularly since they were all computer science students at ESU. Doom reveals that they weren't protected by chronotons when they traveled backwards in time, which everyone knows protects one from being erased out of their own history during time travel trips! Doom does a chronoton adjustment to Nancy's phone in order to demonstrate this principal and reveals that the future -- and our present(!!) -- has been altered into one where Doctor Doom is Supreme Dictator of This and All Other Worlds!!

Doctor Doom immediately turns on everyone and vows to defeat all of his enemies long before they ever had the opportunities to become super-heroes!

Squirrel Girl escapes with Nancy and the rest of the time-displaced students, but why bother? After all, this is Planet Doom in the here and now!!

Incidentally, what do you want to bet that this guy in the guy who's been sending ESU students back to the 1960s??

Lastly, I love how Nancy Whitehead manages to get New York's heroes to leave Doctor Doom alone. It makes you wonder if cosplayers are routinely attacked by Marvel's costumed heroes?

"The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3" is written by Ryan North, penciled and inked by Erica Henderson, colored by Rico Renzi, and lettered by Travis Lanham. Plus, the "Trading Card" art is by Dan Shaner!

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Anthony said...

No victory for Batman? Despite he'd seem like a shoe-in these days (per his popularity)?

And indeed, Superman nor Wonder Woman would be eligible, since neither were born in the US or to American citizens. (Alter-ego Clark Kent would be eligible, as would Diana Prince, assuming the heroes didn't mind *that* degree of secret identity-deceptiveness.)