Thursday, February 18, 2016

Archie Comics Featured on "Jeopardy!"

Archie Comics was heavily featured today on "Jeopardy!" The program had an "Archie Comics" category on the program. Here's how it went:

Answer #1 for $200: In 2013, Mac Cosmetics introduced "Archie's Girls, a line named for these 2 rivals for Archie's attention.

Question: Who are Betty and Veronica?

Answer #2 for $400: Archie lives in this midwestern town based on Hiawatha, Kansas, where creator John Goldwater once lived.

Question: What is Riverdale?

Answer #3 for $600: In 1963, Archie Comics introduced this Teenage Witch who sometimes helps Archie & the Gang with their problems.

Question: Who is Sabrina?

Answer #4 for $800: An inspiration for Archie was this 1930s & '40s movie series starring Mickey Rooney as a typical teenager.

Question: What is "Andy Hardy?"

Answer #5 for $1000: A straight F student, this star athlete is overly protective of his longtime girlfriend Midge.

Question: Who is Moose?

Needless to say, I would have aced each of these questions!


Nancy Silberkleit said...

"Needless to say, I would have aced each of these questions"! I am sure many echoed your comment! Jughead 's stomach is now turning... 3,000 BUCKS would have bought many Burgers! Betty would have invested in her college fund! Veronica, not sure what Veronica would do, she has that CIA in her Confidence, Intelligence and Allure so we never know with her! Archie would be so busy announcing his winnings he would forget to collect his winnings! So what would Jon have done??? And Thank you for highlighting Archie Comic's sensational opportunity to be on Jeopardy! I think its its second time. And an oops , I left out Hot Dog....a gift card to !!!


Nancy Silberkleit co-CEO Archie Comics Publications

Jon said...

Thanks Nancy! It was a fun segment to watch!

I think I'd plan a family vacation somewhere fun!

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