Monday, February 1, 2016

Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump Win the 2016 Iowa Coffee Bean Caucus!

Tonight is the 2016 Iowa Caucus.

I cannot wait. Largely because I'm tired of nonstop calls and robocalls from various political parties, campaigns, PACs, and pollsters. This goes on for months and months. And in recent weeks, it's been several calls daily! And it's made worse by the fact that I am a member of a two-party household -- so everyone calls our home!

Don't get me wrong. I like the Caucus. I will be at the Caucus. And then I will do a happy dance because everyone will abandon Iowa for New Hampshire and I will have some peace for a while!

That said, the people of Iowa City learned the results of an even more important political contest last night. I'm talking about the 2016 Iowa Coffee Bean Caucus!!

The Coffee Bean Caucus happens before every Iowa Caucus. It's sponsored and managed by the Hamburg Inn here in Iowa City. People come far and wide to place beans in their preferred candidate's jar.

Bernie Sanders won the Democratic Caucus with 4680 beans, followed by Hillary Clinton (2163 beans) and Martin O'Malley (301 beans).

Donald Trump won the Republican Caucus with 919 beans, followed by Rand Paul (511 beans), Marco Rubio (279 beans), Ted Cruz (143 beans), Carly Fiorina (129 beans), Jeb! Bush (106 beans), John Kasich (97 beans), Mike Huckabee (94 beans), Chris Christie (82 beans), and Rick Santorum (76 beans).

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