Thursday, February 25, 2016

CBN Features Story of Ex-Gay Former Prostitute & Recovering Addict // Implies His Life Is Typical of Every Gay Man's Experiences

CBN featured another anti-gay story this morning involving an ex-gay man who was 1. abused as a child, 2. recovering from drug addiction, 3. a former prostitute, and 4. HIV-positive. Everyone abused him and took advantage of Robert throughout his life until he met that one special Christian couple who prayed for him at the restaurant where he once lived:
"They knew that I was living a homosexual lifestyle and they didn't judge me. They didn't condemn me. They just loved on me. It was like I had started building a relationship that was a healthy relationship."

That helped Robert see that the man he was with -- and the ones before -- had been using him all along. "This person made me think of every bad thing that I've ever gone through in my life by them basically manipulating me into buying them drugs. And I said, 'I'm done!'"
Eventually, Robert broke up with his abusive boyfriend and turned to Jesus for salvation.

He joined a faith-based addiction recovery program, which somehow made him ex-gay:
"I have not had any homosexual tendencies, desires, act outs in over six years. That's totally gone."
Oh, and he had a wife now.

I really hate this narrative. CBN never features ex-gay stories from those who haven't been abused or who haven't struggled with addiction. The people whom they feature lived totally dysfunctional lives -- and of course, it's everything about being gay and nothing to do with the chemical addictions that they fought to overcome.

You can watch the whole segment here.

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