Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cheryl Blossom Attempts to Become a Do-Gooder in BETTY & VERONICA COMICS ANNUAL #240!

Did you read the latest chapter of the "Many Loves of Archie Andrews" in BETTY AND VERONICA COMICS ANNUAL #240? This is an ambitious 10-part series of short stories that's been appearing at the beginning of each of the BETTY AND VERONICA DOUBLE DIGEST comic books. Each chapter features a story involving Archie Andrews and some romantic misadventure. Stories so far have included Betty & Veronica, Noelle Claus, and Valerie Smith.

Our latest focus character? None other than Riverdale's resident rich witch, Cheryl Blossom! This latest chapter is titled "Cheryl and Cheryl Alike." It features scripts & pencils by Dan Parent, inks by Rich Koslowski, letters by Jack Morelli, and colors by Digikore Studios.

This was one of those stories where Archie is portrayed as a real cad (towards Betty & Veronica) and a helping friend (towards Cheryl). I was once again left wondering why "B & V" pine incessantly after Ole Chowderhead after he promised the pair a day of two-on-one entertainment, only to bail on them instantly when called by Riverdale's other red-head!

Cheryl has promised an emergency, but her definition of "emergency" translated into boredom at a family get-together! It seems that nobody in her family likes Cheryl so she invited Archie to crash the party as entertainment -- and distraction from Granny Winslow! Granny really, really hates Cheryl and loves her cousin Lily. Granny plans to hand over control of her charitable group -- "Arts For America" -- to Lily someday and Cheryl really wants it instead. For some reason. Because of her generous soul. Or something.

Fortunately for Cheryl, Granny Winslow really likes Archie! I thought for a second that Archie and Granny Winslow had once dated. But it turned out that Archie was a volunteer at Arts For America. Cheryl declares that Archie is her boyfriend. At first, I assumed that she was marking territory before Archie started making moves with either Granny Winslow or Cousin Lily. But she's actually using her relationship with Archie to win her grandmother's favor, along with control of the charity!

Granny Winslow decides to assign Cheryl and Archie a variety of volunteer opportunities in order to witness Cheryl's transformation from spoiled brat to honored grandchild. They do stuff like finger painting and interpretive dancing. They even host a folk music class for dogs! Archie does a great job of getting into the spirit, but Cheryl's rotten nature manages to ruin each of these experiences.

Of course, Cheryl Blossom's dark nature is incapable of transforming into good and her plan to win over Granny Winslow predictably falls apart -- with a little help from Cousin Lily! Safe to say, Cheryl won't become a professional goody-goody any time soon!

By the way, did you know that Cheryl Blossom and her family have a reality TV show? Me neither! It's called "Keeping Up With The Blossoms" and it seems to be very entertaining! I wonder what channel it's on??

Pick up BETTY AND VERONICA COMICS ANNUAL #240 for this humorous brand-new short story, but stick around for the numerous classic reprints featuring Betty, Veronica, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Little Veronica!

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