Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Clinton and Cruz Win 2016 Iowa Caucus // Plus, Why Iowa Matters

Caucus 2016: Way Up High at City High
The Iowa Caucus happened last night. I was there. My husband was there. All of our neighbors were there. Despite worries that nobody would show up, everybody showed up.

I'm in Precinct 17 in Iowa City and was assigned to the auditorium at City High for my caucus site. We ended up with 935 caucus participants. The room was so full that we had to open up some nearby classrooms for overflow space! It was nearly two to one in favor of Bernie over Clinton. O'Malley and the Undecideds had some supporters, but neither group ended up being viable. Somebody hissed at the Clinton representative, but it was fun and friendly otherwise -- compared to other caucus sites!

Clinton ended up winning, but it was a very tight win. I chose Bernie as my candidate months and months ago. I was told that he is a long shot. I told them that I want to support my ideals and not (just) a safe candidate. So I'm very happy with Bernie's performance, even if he didn't win.

So I got home and was catching up with my news and noticed a coastal radio host whose podcast that I recently started listening to set up yesterday's show with an anti-Iowa Caucus message. Basically, "Iowa doesn't matter! The state that hasn't picked a winner in 16 years and is 91.6% white is going to tell us who should be President?"

I got in trouble with another political radio host for responding to this type of baiting. But...

1. Feck off!

2. Obama. And we also chose Kerry. And of course Bush and Gore. All within the past 16 years.

3. Iowa isn't supposed to pick the nominee. We're supposed to kick off the nationwide nomination process. There's still 49 other states who need to make their choices!

4. I value racial and cultural diversity. I also value Iowa values, recognizing that its diversity is not as racially mixed in the country as it is in its cities. That doesn't make Iowa more or less important.

I'm glad that the politicians and the pollsters are finally leaving Iowa for another year or two. But I'm also glad that this year's Iowa Caucus was so successful!

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